Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear everyone else...

I am the nutter once known as Anonymous of the Nazarenes. I saw the blog slot was open and didn't like the thought of some vile hater snatching it for abusive purposes.
So instead I thought I'd hold it "in trust" as it were, giving us a spot to reminisce on the old days.

Just to note, should Garv let me know he wants it gone it will vanish without warning, so don't get too attached just yet. I respect the right of folks to be forgotten if that is what they want.

So, to start :
What is your fondest memory of the Garv years?


  1. I wonder what happened to Garv?
    I had a few discussions with Stangebrew about what may have happened to him. Hopefully Garvs mental state was improving and the escape offered by Garvan personality was no longer needed. Though there is the possibility that he removed the blog to hide that part of himself from his doctors.

  2. Has to be the wood is an element -episode, altough the cure for cancer raygun is also pretty high on the list.

  3. So, Garvan has had another personality split. Wonder who he is trying to convince he is sane this time?

    This one doesn't look as interesting as the others.